Integrating all communication in one platform

As one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brands, Mini Rodini has experienced the challenge to maintain an efficient product development flow while also handling rapidly growing production and collection sizes – a challenge that many companies experience in a growing process.

Identifying communication as the key to efficiency

As a key element in improving efficiency in the product development process, Mini Rodini quickly identified the need for a more efficient and streamlined communication with their suppliers. As a result of their growing production and collection sizes, they were confronted with a need for more frequent supplier communication - and a tool to manage this in an efficient way. “With a growing production department and also growing collections, Mini Rodini was looking for something that would make the communication with our suppliers easier and that could limit the amount of Excel sheets that we all like to work in at the same time.” Assistant Buyer at Mini Rodini, Elisabeth Edelstam concludes.

Using Delogue PLM to streamline supplier collaboration

Delogue PLM seemed like the perfect solution for a growing company like Mini Rodini. Not only has Delogue PLM streamlined the communication with suppliers, but also helped Mini Rodini to get rid of all the Excel sheets that they used to send back and forth between employees and suppliers. Now, everyone uses Delogue PLM to access real-time information and they finally have a single source of truth where everyone can access updated information to avoid miscommunication with suppliers. Thanks to an easy and smooth implementation process, Mini Rodini has been able to quickly accommodate the challenges they were facing.

About Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s wear brand founded in 2006. The designs are a combination of playfulness and creativity appealing to both children and parents. Each product is made with the most sustainable and recycled materials, certified organic cotton and modal pieces. Mini Rodini quickly became a darling in the Swedish market – and internationally – with their extraordinary and high-quality products being sold in over 500 locations. Market Fashion, Kids

The platform seemed like the perfect solution for a growing company like Mini Rodini and thanks to the short start-up period it has been running very smoothly for us.

Elisabeth Edelstam, Assistant Buyer at Mini Rodini.

Mini Rodini met their challenges by providing structure and streamlining processes in their growing process. Now, they have the necessary tools to keep growing. Here’s a run-down of some of the benefits that Mini Rodini gained from Delogue PLM.

Delogue PLM Benefits

  • Increase productivity with structured data and transparency
  • Save costs with fewer errors and misunderstandings
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms
  • Grow better with streamlined processes and workflows
  • Improve productivity with real-time information and knowledge

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