Pure Kids boosts CSR and responsible management with Delogue PLM

With a sustainable approach to product development and communication, Pure Kids aims to be one of the most environmentally conscious players in the Danish kids fashion industry – an objective that require traceability, quality control and close supplier relations.

Recognizing the need for better communication practices

With the goal to boost company CSR and responsible management, Pure Kids acknowledged the need for better communication practices with suppliers, in order to ensure traceability and quality control throughout the entire supply chain. As the company began to identify possible solutions, Pure Kids found that communication, close supplier collaboration and being increasingly involved with sourcing and production processes, would be a substantial step towards improved transparency and CSR.

Implementing Delogue PLM to boost CSR

After realizing the need for more structured practices, Pure Kids chose Delogue PLM as the perfect fit to help them achieve their objectives. Tilde Cramon, Technical Designer explains: “looking for information in hundreds of emails sent back and forward, made it difficult for us to keep track of the product journey. Delogue PLM helps us to clean up all the technical specifications and provides us with a channel for communicating with suppliers. All this makes the production process more transparent and helps us to stay true to our CSR policy” After implementation Delogue PLM has provided Pure Kids with the tool they needed to implement traceability and ultimately improve the overall company CSR. Now, every design can be easily tracked all the way from idea to final product. Pure Kids also use Delogue PLM to align both teams and suppliers through an ever updated knowledge base. Also, the company is able to overview the product journey in every stage of the process, which plays a significant role when managing different brands and projects at once.

About Pure Kids

Pure Kids Wholesale is a Danish children wear company founded in 2004. They own the brands Phister & Philina and Racoon Outdoor. Great design and functionally are key characteristics of both brands, as well as their mindset to produce better products through environmentally-friendly technical solutions. Market Kids Fashion

Delogue PLM facilitates the workflows of the design department and makes the sample flow more clear and traceable. On top of that, it simplifies the ongoing communication with our suppliers, logistics and sales solutions – which all play a role in staying true to our CSR policy.

Tilde Cramon, Technical Designer at Pure Kids.

Delogue PLM has helped Pure Kids meet their challenges by improving transparency and CSR in their entire organization – and provided a single source of truth for their product data and communication.

Delogue PLM Benefits

  • Boost CSR with increased traceability
  • Increase productivity with structured data and transparency
  • Save costs with efficient supplier collaboration
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms
  • Increase earnings with streamlined processes and workflows

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