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PLM Software for

Fashion, Kidswear, Workwear, Private Label,

Sportswear, Footwear, Accessory and Interior Brands


Enhance Workflows Across Departments

With Delogue, you can create, share and manage all your product data in one single platform. Distributing company knowledge across departments, allows all stakeholders to work with the latest information at all times and improves workflows within the organization.

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Our Platform

Speed to market

Manage Product Data & Specifications

Delogue PLM is the tool that helps you manage all your product data and specifications. From small-scale data to entire collections, you have all your content stored in one place. This makes it easier for you and your team to keep an aligned working environment.

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Accelerate Productivity

Streamline Processes & Workflows

Get a complete overview of all your designs and production tasks. It has never been so easy to monitor and follow the development of your products at every stage of the process. Delogue PLM will help you streamline your processes and workflows.

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Empower Collaboration

Communicate in context of product

Delogue PLM provides you an integrated tool for both internal and external communication. Communicate on all levels and skip phone calls and e-mails by simply leaving a comment on the item. This will enhance collaboration across departments and provide more transparency in your communication.

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Fast return on investment

Easy to use and implement

Designed by industry professionals, Delogue PLM is an intuitive platform easy to learn. Our team will help you get your existing data in place and educate your users during the implementation process. If you wish to integrate with other systems such as ERP, we make it happen.

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Boost Company Workflows

From product design to the warehouse, reduce errors, streamline work processes and get products faster to market

Delogue PLM

Delogue PLM enables you to manage the lifecycle of a design from concept to the final product. By connecting both internal and external teams and partners, our platform improves your operational efficiency and product quality, reduces infrastructure costs, and accelerates time-to-market.

Sizes and Measurements

Gather your sizes and measurement charts and attach them to each design. Delogue gives you a template for measurements to easily import data.

Color and Item Library

Get an overview of all your colors and items and approve quality and color directly in the platform. Delogue also provides you with an item approval report.

File Exchange

Upload all file formats to the platform and exchange files with your suppliers. Synchronize files to work with real-time data at all times.

Work Processes

Sample Management

Allows you to manage milestones, deadlines/ETD’s, quantity per color/size, status updates, sample measures and comments and image/illustration upload.

Price Calculation

Our price calculation feature allows you to work with multiple and unlimited currencies, delivery terms, customizable calculation setups, calculation next to cost prices, target prices, price approval, comments and different prices per color/size.

Workflow Management

Give retailers, agents and distributors 24/7 access to your own B2B webshop and never miss an order again. Show product information, images and prices in different currencies updated in real-time.


Use our communication tool at style level, item level, purchase order level and use it as a supplier communication portal.

History Log

Provides a base for all your data and enables you to log communication, copy style and item, external and internal messages, collect sample comments and access your style and item history log. Can be accessible for both your team and suppliers.

Work from Anywhere

Delogue PLM is a cloud-based solution, so you can work anywhere in the world. Our mobile app makes it easy to work with your products from the comfort of your phone.


Customize Delogue and add functions to increases its potential. Our extra features are easy to add and are available upon request. Get in touch with our team if you wish to add one or more of our additional features.


Keeping your webshop and catalogs up-to-date with product descriptions becomes painless with Delogue's marketing module. This feature allows you and your team to create barcodes, schedule exports and manage all marketing texts and product information in different languages.

Business Analytics

Extract relevant information for business analysis. Play around with the data to manage collections, compare seasons, performance and key figures.

Shipment and Orders

Efficient collaboration with suppliers. Our shipment and order module lets you manage ETD’s, communicate, share orders, and related documents to let suppliers access your process.

Connect with ERP and PIM

Created to be connected to ERP and PIM systems, the data in Delogue PLM is easy to share with other systems. Talk to us and we will figure out how to connect to your existing solution.

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