TRIMIT Standard Integration to Delogue PLM


TRIMIT Standard Integration to Delogue PLM

Experience the powerful benefits of the integration between Delogue PLM and TRIMIT ERP


Unlock the true potential of your business processes with the seamless integration of Delogue PLM and TRIMIT ERP, enhancing efficiency and collaboration for a streamlined workflows.

Eliminate time-consuming maintenance tasks: With the standard integration, whenever styles are created or updated in Delogue PLM, they are automatically mirrored in TRIMIT ERP. No manual intervention is required.

Improve data consistency and accuracy: Synchronize your styles across both platforms, ensuring that all updates are reflected in real-time, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.



The integration will let you transfer master data such as:


  • Model no.
  • Season and collection
  • Description
  • Model image
  • Colors
  • Sizes including trousers
  • Item statistics groups, product types, target groups etc. 
  • Fire

  • Composition
  • Care label
  • Selected target
  • Purchase and/or cost prices
  • Suppliers
  • Tariff codes
  • Weight
  • Additional information like CSR, technologies etc.


All of the above information is thus also available for portals, statistical purposes,
various readings including e.g. PRICAT files, order confirmations, and invoices, etc.






For more information about the integration and how to get started:

Contact: Per Brix

Tlf: +45 23220425





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