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Optimizing remote working in the apparel industry

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In a world where remote work has become the new norm, how can we optimize our workload and be more efficient?

Make sure you have the right tools

Working from home doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right resources on your side, it can run as smoothly as if you were in the office. 

Having the right productivity software is non-negotiable. You need to make sure you have a tool that will make your communication, planning, and everyday work possible. 

Communication in the workplace is key, and even more when we are working remotely. Tools that prioritize access to information and transparency will allow your team to do their work efficiently. 

A remote team needs to be able to find information quickly without having to ask someone else.

This is where a tool like Delogue can be your best partner. 

hummel works from home effectively with Delogue

Let’s take a look at hummel’s case. During the coronavirus lockdown, companies in the apparel industry, like hummel, were able to work from home with Delogue, without compromising their processes and deadlines.

With just an internet connection, employees could access all the information regarding collections and samples, making their everyday work easy. 

“Since we’ve been using Delogue our job is much easier and we are more efficient as a team. We can see all the communication between the suppliers about the different styles, without having to do a search in our email inbox. Everything is integrated into Delogue.” 

Maibritt Gram Simonsen, Technician at the Hummel Kids department.

During the coronavirus lockdown, hummel had to reduce their staff and introduce reduced working hours for their employees. At the Kids department, they took turns in the week to work. There was no time for handovers, but with Delogue it was easy to continue other colleagues’ tasks. 

“In Delogue you can always see when small changes have been made — by whom and when. So when the pandemic came, we were able to use all the information previously inserted in Delogue to take over our colleagues’ tasks,” says Maibritt. 

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Centralizing your information in one-source-of-truth

When working remotely, tasks and cross-team collaboration can get messy, and become an obstacle to productivity.

Saving all of your data in one platform like Delogue, provides you with a better understanding of what each member of the team is doing. 

It gives you an overview of the product development process and, if a colleague is sick or on holiday, you have access to all the information to take over their tasks. 

Additionally, and most importantly, it is a targeted system for the fashion industry.

 “We can see Delogue was built as a product development system, and we never worked before with a system that is specifically aimed at the textile industry. That’s what is so fantastic about Delogue: it adapts to what we do and knows perfectly how a textile product development department works.”

Maria Rossau Lynggaard Bording, Product Manager Apparel. 


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