PLM integration with Centra

How integrating Delogue PLM with Centra improves workflows and time to market

At some point, a discussion will arise regarding how to structure and optimize your business. For many, this is already a part of their business model while for others it comes along once the company starts to get on its feet. There are many software solutions to choose from but in this article, we are paying particular attention to how Delogue works in tandem with Centra. A number of our clients, including Soft Gallery and Hunky Dory use both Centra as their ERP system while simultaneously using Delogue PLM as their go-to PLM.

Having both tools at your disposal is categorized as a BOB approach. Best of breed focuses on attaining specialized products from different suppliers in order to achieve the best solutions a company needs for employees to work most efficiently. Moreover, integrating these solutions gives companies greater flexibility, customization and expertise. Plus, companies no longer have to deal with dependency on subpar modules which can not be altered within a fully integrated system.

What is the difference between an ERP and PLM?

Before we continue with Centra and Delogue PLM, let's clear up some common misconceptions.


An ERP is used to manage the logistics of getting a product to market once a design is released. A PLM is used to achieve more control over design and development information.


An ERP manages the business process after the product design stage. They collect important data from the manufacturing stages of a product. It is a business management tool used to fulfil the needs of finance and accounting, distribution, human resources, customer service, and manufacturing.


PLM stands for, Product Lifecycle Management and is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product. Companies use them in order to increase output, increase revenue and reduce resources. From conception to production, a PLM guides the way.

Centra and Delogue PLM - what can this duo do for your business?

By using Centra and Delogue PLM, our clients are provided with services to achieve customizations and tailor-made solutions targeting specific needs in order to more efficiently operate their businesses. Therefore, our clients are systematically creating an ideal environment for their employees to work within.


With Centra, companies can manage B2B, B2C, inventory, billing, payments, and analytics. However, the step prior to a company implementing an ERP is very beneficial. Companies benefit tremendously from having a collaborative workspace which targets the workflow of all product data from conception to production. To onboard with Delogue PLM brings more organization and optimization of the daily workloads for multiple departments, including but not limited to, design, production, and marketing. It's a vital necessity for any growing business to have a singular space to create, store, and manage product data as well as have an online platform for all supplier communication.

How do Centra and Delogue PLM work together?

So we have looked at what Centra and Delogue PLM can do on their own but how do they work together? Simply put, these systems speak to each other when integrated. They enable the flow of data and provide information needed for efficient workflows. All the product information entered in Delogue PLM is automatically uploaded to Centra and therefore no data needs to be entered over again. This means less time on administrative tasks and more time for innovating products.

Integration with other ERP's?

Delogue PLM integrates with Centra as well as any other ERP system.

We have a guide for you on how to integrate Delogue to your ERP.


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