Delogue optimizes remote work efficiency for hummel

Optimize Remote Work Efficiency with Delogue: A Case Study with hummel

In today's remote work landscape, maximizing productivity and efficiency is essential. With the right tools and streamlined processes, working from home can be as seamless as being in the office. In this article, we explore the importance of having the right productivity software, with a focus on Delogue, a powerful tool for the fashion industry. Through a case study with hummel, we highlight how Delogue enables efficient remote work and centralizes information for improved collaboration and transparency.

Importance of the Right Tools for Remote Work

When working remotely, having the appropriate tools is vital for seamless communication, planning, and everyday tasks. Efficient remote teams prioritize access to information and transparency. Utilizing a tool like Delogue can greatly enhance your team's productivity and effectiveness, providing quick access to crucial information without the need for constant inquiries.

Case Study: hummel's Effective Remote Work with Delogue

During the COVID-19 lockdown, hummel, an apparel company, successfully transitioned to remote work using Delogue. Their processes and deadlines remained intact, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Delogue's accessibility allowed employees to access collection and sample information from anywhere, simplifying their daily tasks. According to Maibritt Gram Simonsen, a technician at the Hummel Kids department, Delogue significantly improved their team's efficiency. All communication with suppliers and information related to different styles were consolidated within Delogue, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches through email inboxes.

“In Delogue you can always see when small changes have been made — by whom and when. So when the pandemic came, we were able to use all the information previously inserted in Delogue to take over our colleagues' tasks”

Maibritt Gram Simonsen, Technician at the Hummel Kids

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Centralizing Information for Seamless Collaboration


Remote work can lead to challenges in task management and cross-team collaboration. By centralizing data in a comprehensive platform like Delogue, teams gain a clear overview of individual responsibilities, facilitating a better understanding of each member's contributions. Furthermore, having a single-source-of-truth ensures that crucial information is readily available to colleagues, even when someone is absent or on vacation. Delogue's tailored features for the fashion industry make it an ideal solution, adapting perfectly to the unique requirements of textile product development departments.


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Efficiency and productivity in remote work environments are attainable with the right tools. Delogue serves as a powerful ally for fashion companies like hummel, enabling seamless remote operations, streamlined communication, and centralized information management. By utilizing Delogue, teams can overcome the challenges of remote work and improve transparency, ultimately optimizing their overall performance in the new work-from-home era.