PLM supports remote work

How PLM supports your business-critical operations when teams must work remotely

Being a fashion brand owner, these days handling the Corona crisis - no matter where you are located globally - is one of the toughest business scenarios we have seen in modern times.

Not to mention the vast impact the Corona situation has on suppliers and again their sub-suppliers.

Brands are struggling with closed stores while goods are delivered to their warehouses and leave them with the challenge; “How to deliver goods, if there is no one to receive them? And even worse, how will the stores be able to pay with no customers and income?”


This has caused a chain reaction, where all brands, regardless of size and segment need to respond fast and adjust their own business to the extraordinary situation.
Most brands have sent a big part of their employees’ home. This often leaves a few capable employees with the responsibility to act fast, get full insight of product and delivery status and to decide where to take action.

When PLM becomes a lifesaver

We asked Daniel Kirk Sorensen at JBS Textile Group A/S if their PLM system had helped them in their business when reacting to the Corona virus outbreak.
His response was:


“Take "help" and multiply it with 4 billion, we couldn’t have made this without Delogue PLM”.


JBS Textile Group A/S has all style data and communication related to their entire product development and sample management process in Delogue PLM.

JBS Textile Group A/S has sent 20 out of 26 team members in their product development team home to support the government's social gathering restrictions.
This leaves 6 team members to take care of the entire design and purchasing department:


“It took us 48 hours to go through all styles of 17 brands, both in collection development and production. We made decisions on what must be continued and what could be postponed and then we informed all our suppliers using the platform. This would have been weeks of work without Delogue PLM” Daniel says.

Life after this crisis is a fact, it's going to pass

At some point in time companies and employee will return to business and brands need to catch up on the development that was postponed - and it becomes critical to come up to speed quickly.

Daniel clarifies:
“Keeping track of the changes made by the reduced team is not an issue when our colleagues come back to their jobs, even if they still work from their homes, as everything is recorded, logged and updated.”

Get started and prepare for the market re-entry

If you believe that remote workspaces and social distance is a part of our and your future, or you simply want to take the opportunity to streamline your product development, Delogue PLM help all brands who want to get started now!
Use this critical time to prepare your teams and processes for a fast market re-entry and secure your data, supplier communication and knowledge for the future.

Delogue PLM facts:


• All communication from team and suppliers fully integrated with your master data
• Full overview of sample status, individual commenting and handling
• Instantaneous updated reports and overviews
• All data can be integrated with B2B and/or ERP systems
• Easy & Fast onboarding of both brand and suppliers (in hours)



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