Masters of workwear become part of the Delogue family

We celebrate our deal with the German brand Engelbert Strauss — masters of workwear, safety footwear and personal protective equipment.

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Using the right workwear is more important than most people realize. So is using the right software for your product development process. And Engelbert Strauss gets it right. They’ve been in the business since the 40s and while looking for a tool to ease-up their product lifecycle management, they found Delogue PLM and it was a perfect match.

Taking together the world by storm

Today we are delighted to announce that from now on Engelbert Strauss will keep on taking on the world of workwear with our support. Hand-in-hand we’ll be there to help them achieve their mission of spreading the ostrich everywhere.

“Engelbert Strauss is a great, successful and visionary family-owned business. I am really excited about having the opportunity to support the growth of their product development in the future. I believe there has been a great match from day one regarding how our two businesses are thinking and approaching business development,” says Delogue CXO, Rikke Biehl.

A new broom sweeps clean

The Engelbert Strauss family has been around since way before Delogue. It all started in 1908 with Grandfather Engelbert selling brooms in the small village of Biebergemünd, close to Frankfurt. Founded in 1948, today it is run by brothers Steffen and Henning, who are the fourth-generation. They have 10 offices across Europes where more than 1,200 employees work to produce the best work clothes, using the best materials and latest technologies, without forgetting to make it cool and fashionable.

They’ve now joined the Delogue family and we’re working together for the same purpose: the production of environmentally sustainable, quality products at the forefront of technology. But most of all, they want their people to enjoy their work, which is essentially what Delogue is all about. We want our Deloguers to enjoy their work and have more time for being innovative and creative.

Time to take the plunge

Engelbert Strauss leads the example, showing that even well-established companies with complex structures can make the impossible possible, by taking a strategic upgrade in their digitalization and saying goodbye to the “old ways of working”.

Are you ready to join the transformation?

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