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A challenging spring-summer that boosted digitalization

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For many, a very difficult spring season is coming to an end. We hope that the summer will let you catch up on some of the lost sales. Hopefully, the coming Autumn will be less dramatic and your new strategies will have been developed and ready for implementation in this new COVID-19 reality.

The lock-down has boosted digitalization. New improved digital showrooms for retail purchasing and order handling have been released by several companies. We have seen many innovative presentations and recommend you to check out what companies like Traede, Spy-System and Fashion Cloud are offering. Fashion-Cloud is even taking it a step further by launching the first-ever entirely digital fashion week.

After the summer holidays, we will launch several new features in Delogue PLM to support new requirements from e-commerce.

Among others:

  • Multi-language care instructions
  • Specify specific measurements for e-commerce
  • Multi-language management of color groupings and translations
  • Improved multi-language short & long marketing product description

New Integrations have been developed with digital partners for improved data transfer for PIM, B2B and e-commerce. Import directly to Spy-Systems, Eezeebee, Plytix PIM and Traede in a few clicks.

Reduce time spent on entering product data, saving time and reducing the risk of human errors.

Learn how to improve your e-commerce solutions or more about the new partner integrations. Reach out to our sales team.

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