Delogue recognized for its reliability as a PLM

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Bianca Hegedus
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At Delogue, we take pride in offering an intuitive product lifecycle management tool for businesses of all sizes. We’re glad that FinancesOnline thinks so too as they granted us with the Premium Usability Award and the Rising Star Award for 2019.

FinancesOnline is a premier directory for business software offering in-depth reviews on various SaaS products. With their guidance, professionals and companies all over the globe get all the information they need before deciding which software solutions to invest in for their operations.

In their evaluation of Delogue, FinancesOnline tested our product against some of the top product lifecycle management software on the market and gauged the quality of its features as well as how easy it is to use based on different technical skill levels. After much deliberation, they concluded that our product stands out from the crowd.

To add to that, their Delogue overview also commended how our platform makes it easy for agile teams to collaborate because of its robust communication options and powerful workflow management features that meet quality management methodologies. They also concluded that its fully integrated dashboard also allows businesses to make their processes more accountable and transparent, increasing overall productivity.

If you want to learn more about what the FinancesOnline experts have to say about Delogue, don’t hesitate to visit their website. Don’t forget to leave a review of your own so that we know how you think we can further improve our product lifecycle management solutions.

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