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How to get ahead of the competition when the pandemic is over

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Bianca Hegedus
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Fashion brands are bleeding – don’t wait until this is all over to start preparing your re-entry!

Being able to deliver on basic data that can be trusted and used both internally and externally will decide if you get a foothold in the market once this pandemic is over.

It has never been more evident that being able to reach the market, regardless if it is wholesale or online or a combination, getting your data, photos and core values across fast, smoothly, and correctly is the tipping point for how fast your brand will regain market shares.

A prediction of the next battle

Are you as a brand not ready to take on the demands of modern retailing, where speed, readiness, and being the first with the products in demand, is the core of sell-through results, you will struggle even longer.

The retailers are depending on both interesting products/brands and brands that support their demand for data to reach consumers even faster.

No retailer is going to rely on retail only, ever again

Going virtual, reaching out online and setting up both distribution and sales through new online channels require fast and reliable data throughout the entire supply chain.

Do you want your brand to survive once the impact of the Corona pandemic is over?
If yes, this is the time to do some strategic (re)thinking on how your brand can reach the relevant marketplaces faster than ever.

Strategic tech stack planning

Even the smallest adjustment can be a game-changer. The demand for online presence is obvious, but are your core values, pictures, and master data ready to be shared for a smooth interaction with the marketplaces?

We experience a lot of smart online solutions integrated with your existing tech solutions such as ERP, B2B, and B2C.

But could you speed up the interaction from brand development to market even faster and with less effort?
We at Delogue PLM and our +8.000 users say “yes”.

Why Delogue PLM does the job

Delogue PLM is the entry point for all initial master data from the very beginning of any development process. Having data stored on one platform along any individual action done by a team or supplier is the essence of speed and transparency.

Confusion, having to rely on team members’ presence and multiple updates in different folders is eliminated once your development process is structured on one globally accessible platform.

The next step of sending the relevant data across to ERP, B2B, PIM, and other product data feeds including B2C is an individual brand strategic decision we support and have been part of with hundreds of clients. As an intuitive cloud-based platform accessible through an internet browser, Delogue PLM is quick and easy to integrate.

Being able to act fast and adjust the direction if needed, and let the market experience, feel and react on your latest decisions is not something that will happen in the future – it is already here! We encourage all fashion brands to take the time to reconsider their work processes, their product development and their data management and move from alarm to action.

Deploy Delogue PLM into your tech stack in days, not months

Virtual onboarding of any team, even the largest, in a few days is how we do it. A mapping of your data needs is done together with our onboarding specialist and on average the onboarding process takes a few days where we set you up and train the team.

Let us at Delogue PLM help you map your process and see how tech-stack improvements could increase your process speed and data management, and ultimately your market presence and turnover. Virtual coffee and online demos are for free, reach out on sales@delogue.com and start moving your business to a tech-savvy future to get ahead of the competition when the pandemic is over.

Stay safe, we are waiting for you in the Cloud!

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