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3 daily habits to increase productivity and efficiency

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Bianca Hegedus
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How complexity can mess up your productivity

At Delogue we recently came across an article regarding the issue of complexity, and how one of the biggest challenges in business is keeping projects and tasks from getting too complex. The article mentioned that too much complexity within a project will hinder people from seeing how they can succeed, ultimately leading the project to fail in the end.

In addition, the article mentions a study performed by Dr. Dobbs, that showed that 70 percent of people believed that the projects they were involved in would fail before they even started, in which Dr. Dobbs states, that the very belief itself could be contributing to the failure.

What to do to keep things from getting too complex

The article mentions 3 daily habits that will help increase simplicity, and it includes points like looking for the simple solution instead of vigorously searching for the “smart” and complex alternative. Furthermore, the article points out the so-called expert who is unable to explain a problem in a simple way, may not be fit to communicate to a team what needs to be done. Additionally, the article states that trying to complete something with only 20 percent of the required time will ultimately make us rethink our approach to a certain project. And thereby force you to think outside the box and help increase your creative problem-solving skills.

At Delogue, we too believe that simplicity is one of the strongest assets to any project, and learning how to reach the simplest solution is not necessarily a negative thing. After all, intelligent laziness is efficiency and doing things in a simple way is a far better than doing nothing at all, because the task may seem too unmanageable.
The article gives an exciting insight about dealing with future problem-solving, and it’s a perfect read to start the week off well. Read the full article here

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