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Measuring Ten Years of Growth

The Delogue Journey that got us to where we are now and the ethos that continues to guide our next steps

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Jessi Walker
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It has been 10 transformative years since I sat in front of an inbox full of cc’d emails next to a digital pile of Excel sheets, wanting change. I was in my twenties at the start of my career, and I was already a frustrated fashion buyer, fed-up with the crazy data formulas, manual re-entries and limited view of my work’s impact. I knew there had to be a smarter way of working and where there wasn’t, we were going to create it.  

Together with my vision, Bianca Hegedüs’ strategy and Mikkel Thormod’s coding, we put the building blocks in place for the Delogue we know today; a collaborative space where the entire supply chain works in one centralized location. 

8 thousand users across 76 countries 

Delogue PLM time line

And a lot has happened in 10 years – we went from three people in a garage surrounded by wires, to a 40+ people team across Denmark, Germany and India. But best of all, the 8k+ of buyers, designers, suppliers and technicians across 76 countries using the Delogue platform no longer have to face the same chaos I did. 

Strength, innovation & collaboration

Whilst our tenth year was one of uncertainty for us all, it was also one of immense transformation. Suddenly, ‘digitization’ went from being a buzz word to becoming a life raft in the wake of a global pandemic. Border closures and social distancing resulted in remote working where 95% of our meetings and training is held virtually. It has never been a more important time to adapt the way in which technology works for us, making it a very exciting time for Delogue and we’re so grateful to still have you on this journey with us.

The one thing that will never change though, is also the same thing that continues to drive our growth: A belief in user-driven innovation – solving real life problems for real life people.

From us to you – with thanks

It is this belief that got us here and what continues to guide the future of Delogue. We’re constantly looking at ways to develop so that we can continue to support your goals and adapt to the shifting needs of your industry; modifying the way data can be used for e-commerce, how it integrates with emerging 3D technologies and aids in the transparency & traceability of your products’ lifecycle; and reviewing how Delogue supports circular economies and advocates for reducing the global carbon footprint, collectively.

Here’s to another year of strength, innovation and collaboration – together.

Best regards,

Rikke Biehl

Founder and CXO

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