Create, collect and follow purchase orders in Delogue

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The Orders module allows you to communicate and follow up on purchase orders with your suppliers. You can also upload orders certificates and documents regarding your orders. And the best part is, it can be integrated with your ERP system.

Create and collect all purchase orders

Choose the already defined values in the header, and type in the PO no. You can now easily have an overview of all your orders, and search by number, reference or brand. Your supplier gets access to the purchase order when the order is published.

Easily find purchase orders files

Communicate with your suppliers regarding a specific order and easily find all the documents and agreement files you need with the Orders module. You can also see to see log changes, so no one will be in doubt, when and where something has been changed in an order.

Packing lists, certificates, and much more in one place

No more files to be sent back and forward. You can now upload all the files concerning your orders with the Files tab. Here you create folders which are named on your terms, so it is easy for you and your supplier to find documentation.

Integrate with your ERP system

The Orders module can be integrated with your ERP system and by that, orders generated in ERP will be sent to Delogue.

Sounds interesting?

Sign up for a free demo and try all the features of the Orders add-on module.

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